I am a hopeful candidate for the Green Party’s list for London Assembly in May 2016

Having stood as a local candidate previously for Lewisham Green Party, I am now aiming to become one of the 11 candidates chosen by the Green Party for the London Assembly Elections next May.  Come and meet me at the Hustings being held on Sunday 19th July at BirBeck University: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/assembly-list-hustings-london-green-party-tickets-17467698356


  1. Hi, Andrea

    Please tell us of ‘The Candidate’s Progress’.

    It seems to me from the above that at the time of doing this blog piece, your standpoint was somewhat tentative, ‘half-believing’, yet dialogue with a friend and comrade who has met you as a candidate tells me that I am not the only one in North London who has been highly impressed with you. (I note here that Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group is non-party political and contains members of other political parties or none.)

    As I told you at the end of a recent hustings, I think your chances could be boosted by at least a ‘contact card’. Its absence and what you have said and blogged suggest to me that you are — at present — more of a ‘reluctant politician’ than a ‘career politician’. There is a line in Euripides’ tragedy ‘The Trojan Women’ (adapted by Jean-Paul Sartre against the bacckdrop of the Algerian War of Independence) that says: “Those who give the orders seldom see the mess it makes.”

    By contrast, it is obvious that you have seen from your advocacy work the damage done to people by nasty policies and you want to be an agent for and interface toward healthier policies.

    I am reminded that a definition of ‘education’ is ‘the drawing out of what is latent within the individual’. What of this campaigning as an educational experience for you?

    • Hi Alan,

      I said I was a “hopeful” candidate because I haven’t been a GLA candidate before, and didn’t know what my chances would be of getting one of the 11 places. As you know I have been to the two main hustings, and have been receiving some very positive feedback which is encouraging me to believe that I can be one of the “chosen 11” – my ideal is to be one of the top 5 candidates. People who know me well wouldn’t normally describe me as tentative, I am forthright, outspoken and decisive, but in this ‘race’ realise that I need to learn and develop self-promotion skills (offers of support, campaigning strategies, suggestions – all welcome).

      Thank you for your comment regarding my advocacy work – your observation is spot on and this is what compels and propels me to want to make a real difference by developing policies to achieve positive change.

      Kind regards,

  2. Other ways of saying what I meant when I said ‘tentative’ might include ‘not too-pushy’ and ‘respectful of others’ not already knowing you’.

    You wrote that in “this ‘race’ [I] realise that I need to learn and develop self-promotion skills (offers of support, campaigning strategies, suggestions – all welcome).” I know that in the ‘blogosphere’, placing a comment on another’s blog can be a way of showing support and can also attract traffic to one’s blog.

    I also realise though that — especially for people with greater reading speed — than me, there is Twitter and you have a Twitter column on this blog….

    All the best, anyway!

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